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Wood Ski Waxing


Using a cold kick wax (Special Green or Polar), apply a thin layer to the base for the whole length of the ski. Using a cork, rub the base until the friction blends and smoothes the wax in. Repeat the wax application until the base has a shiny, glass-like surface. You may have to apply the cold kick wax two or three times.


Hard Wax: Crayon a light layer of the wax of the day over the base glide wax. Using a cork, rub the wax briskly until it gets smooth and blends into the base. Repeat the application of wax and corking 2 or 3 times. The wax of the day can be chosen by looking at a chart provided by the wax manufacturer. Kick wax is typically only applied below the foot on the base of the ski from the heel to about 10" past the toe of the boot.

Klister: Apply the klister to the kick zone using short, chevron style streaks of wax. Smooth into the base with your thumb or a Klister spreader. If necessary, you can warm the klister on the base with a propane torch or a hot air gun. But be careful! Apply klister in a thin layer! Multiple layers may be necessary for icy conditions.



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