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Ski Maintenance

I have used the products listed below with success. This is not an endorsement of the products, but a sharing of my experiences using them.

I have used Gorilla Glue with success. It is easy to use and is waterproof. I use it to repair delaminations and splits.





Goof Off - This well-known solvent product removes dried paint as well as adhesive, sticker residue, gum, crayon, tar, oil, black marker, pen, lipstick, scuff marks, candle wax, grease and much more! Available in a wide variety of liquid sizes as well as a convenient aerosol.

3M Scour pads - used to remove wax buildup on the base of the skis in conjunction with mineral spirits.





Mineral spirits used to remove most wax buildup on the bottoms and marks on the top of the skis.

Spar Varnish - Weatherproof, waterproof and tung oil based, this is used for the top wooden surface of the skis.






Boiled linseed oil used for finish repairs on natural looking skis, such as the Normark VI's, Madshus Birkebeiner or Troll skis.

Turtle Wax - Used to put a nice sheen on the top of the skis after they are cleaned.



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