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Wooden Ski Storage

Wooden skis should be stored during the off-season with ends tied together and blocked in the middle. The block size is variable, depending on the camber of the ski. If you want to try to stretch the wood a little for more camber, place a larger block in the middle.

Skis can be stored on a rack or tied together leaning against a wall. If you store them in a garage, make sure that you keep the tails off of the concrete floor by placing a board or block below the tails.


Skis from the early 1900s were tied together with wooden ski ties. These still work well today.


Twine makes a great ski tie, as it doesn't scratch or harm the ski.


Ski ties come in all kinds of styles. The RWB one on the left is from Norway in the 1970s. The leather tie on the right is custom made out of leather and copper rivets.


The camber area of the ski needs to be blocked for long-term storage. Many people have used a full can of kick wax as their spacer.


Using a wax cork also works well for a blocking spacer. People also custom cut wooden blocks to be used as a spacer.



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