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Gregg Skis Renovation

Information provided by Mike Brown

March 5, 2022 - We received the following email message from Mike Brown on January 25, 2022. We gave Mike some information and he didn't waste any time completing the restoration process.

"Greg, my neighbor gave me a set of Gregg skis and poles. The set is in very good condition. They are almost skiable.

I am an alpine skier so this is my first venture in the nordic realm. I started the restoration process. I have a set of questions and would like a mentor to keep me on track.

The skis are hickory. The numbers are 888 with a 7 over the top. They have Kandahar bindings with the toe strap. The cable adjusts in the toe lever. They have the screw in "Cracked Edges' '. The base is not pine tar and is in great shape. They have a burned in stamped, "Gregg of St Paul, MN". There are no Gregg stickers. Do you have any Idea what year these were made?

I have removed one binding and polished it out. Very minor pitting but all in all very good shape. Are the bindings nickel plated? Would it be best to plate them?

The poles are very rusty but not pitted. There is some black staining. The leather handles are shot. The spacing under the handle is shot as well. I will have to reconstruct the handle. The baskets are ok. There is a sticker on the pole. It is a red white and blue Gregg sticker. Are these stickers obtainable? Is there anyone who supplies the handles and baskets? "

Before Photos

Testimony From Mike Brown

Thanks to Mike Brown for sharing this interesting informaton. Click here for more info on Gregg skis......Greg

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