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40th Annual Marine O'Brien
Wooden Ski Race

January 30, 2011
Wm. O'Brien State Park
Marine on St. Croix, MN

Over 50 skiers on wooden skis celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Marine O'Brien Race

Greg Weier and John (Jake) Jacobson

Greg Fangel and Mike Brumbaugh

L to R - John O'Connell, Greg Weier, John (Jake) Jacobson, and Greg Fangel

L to R - Ralph Hapness, Greg Fangel, John O'Connel, Greg Weier, and Liz Wagner

Bjorn Hanson and Greg Fangel

Bill Simpson and Ralph Malmberg, original organizers of the race 40 years ago.

L to R - 87 year old Roy Carlsted, Bill Simpson, Ralph Malmberg, and Nona Goertz

87 year old Roy Carlsted

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